The next Camera Club meeting is Monday 11 February 2019

All welcome

Ellesmere College Staffroom


Summer Challenge

Please come prepared to display the results of the Summer Challenge.

The Summer Challenge is “Water” in any form: steam, ice, liquid or even the obvious absence of water as in a dry lake bed or a dehydrated object.

The challenge is to present 6 to 10 print images that depict water.

 Please bring your camera on this night for a spontaneous challenge.

October Champion and Honours Images


Cathy Kewish - Flying High

Dean Mower - 3 quarter moon over 25 minutes in Maine forest

Dean Mower - Lobster Shack

Dean Mower - The bleak future

Dean Mower- Cornfield in summer storm


JM - Erewhon


PC - Poppy


Thomas Stephens - Dark and stormy